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The most notable changes are:

Full Patch Notes

  • Crafting Revamped.
  • New crafting pieces allow for more directional control, allowing for things like axes, and blades placed along edges of handles.
  • Changes to curved axe heads to accommodate new crafting system.
  • There is now a distinct visual for which slot you are about to craft at, which should reduce confusion about where parts will go together when you release.
  • Sticks have a new crafting slot.
  • Improved ease of crafting for some items.
  • Durability values increased, and better effectiveness strikes consume even less durability.
  • Boulders have toughened up. (Metal boulders have different hardness levels, requiring better metals on tools to mine rarer ores.)
  • Improvements to shield collisions.
  • Removed a redundant eyebrow shape in Customization.
  • Fixed some z*fighting models.
  • Fixed issue where Wyrms could spit through clusters of crystal.
  • Fixed a certain bookshelf in the town hall building facing the wrong way.
  • Lanterns are no longer dangling items, but are fixed instead, making them more reliable.
  • Lanterns can now be docked into wall hooks, and the cooking stand hook.

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