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Type Item


Backpacks have 9 Docks, so they are able to carry up to 9 different Items, however each slot has a Stack Limit multiplier of 2x, meaning it can carry 2x the base stack of any item in each of these slots.

The Backpack can be attached by grabbing it and reaching behind the Player's back, then letting go of it. The Backpack can be retrieved from the Player's back by placing their hand behind their back and grabbing it.


Backpacks can be obtained in a number of ways:

  • Several Backpacks are scattered across the Overworld when a new server is started.
  • Backpacks can be crafted at the Crafting House, using one of the Assembly Decks and its respective recipe page.


These bags depicted in the picture above are made from a single color of leather.


The Backpack requires 2 Leather Rolls, 7 Leather Strips and 11 Metal Buckles. You are able to customize each piece in the steps below with a different material.

Assemblydeckrecipe backpack.png

The order of assembly is as follows:

  • Main body - 1 Leather Roll
  • Horizontal Strap around body - 1 Leather Strip
  • Bag flap - 1 Leather Roll
  • Four Straps on main body - 4 Leather Strips
  • Nine Buckles on the Bag, 5 on the front, 1 on each side and 2 on the back
  • Ends of the Straps - 2 Buckles
  • Handle - 2 Leather Strips


Backpacks are compatible with Backpack Attachments which you can attach using a Backpack Assembler.

Backpacks have 1 Large Leather Roll slot.

Gathering Materials

The best places to go to gather materials is the dust bowl or the mountain pass. In the dust bowl, you can find leather rolls, leather straps, and metal buckles. Loot chests to find these items. You can also smelt down metal items like sledgehammer heads or blades you find into ingots which can be used to make buckles. An alternative option is to deconstruct buckets, cauldrons or lanterns. Even just one of these items will give you enough buckles for a bag. In the mountain pass you can find loot spots and chests which you can find buckles, leather, leather straps and other treasures. In both of these places, be careful of wyrms and phantoms. Bringing along a friend or two is not only safer, but it is more fun.