Dust Bowl

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Dust Bowl
Dust Bowl
Type Location

The Dust Bowl is one of the many locations residing within the Overworld of A Township Tale. The area is a vast dirt-filled valley with patches of grass and mounds of earth scattered around.


Among these mounds, random Weapons and Rusty Tools can be found. Lurking underground, players may encounter many Wyrms within the Dust Bowl that will attack suddenly, and sometimes in groups of two or three. On the left of the valley, there lie Large Boulders requiring Dynamite for them to be destroyed, clearing the path further. Once a townsmen clears the Boulders, they will now have access to The Cliffs.

Scattered throughout The Cliffs are six chests containing random loot.

Climbing to the top of the Cliffs grants access to a crate filled with a purple liquid that can be used to fill an empty Gourd or Flask with a Teleportation Potion.

Wood can also be collected here by cutting down Trees.

Important note for Woodcutters: Remember to clear the stumps of your fell trees, they won't grow back otherwise!

Nearby Resources

  • Dried Grass can be found randomly scattered all around .
  • A Chest located near the entrance of the Dust Bowl on top of a platform.
  • In the open area located at the entrance of The Cliffs, there are rock that can be mined that give Stone that can be used for town restoration projects
  • The Wyrms, while a threat, are a great source of leather, especially for those playing on an oculus quest


  • When facing the Crafting House, go left of the building where the Training Grounds is located, continuing up the hill.
  • When facing the Player Spawn, turn around completely and go up the hill to the large archway.


  • This area shown off here is not actually the dust bowl, but actually the area leading up to the dust bowl. The evidence to this theory is that there is life around this place, which are not features of a dust bowl, and there is no dust storms to be seen. (Credit, Ciroe on the ATT Discord)
  • The cliffs area was actually a dust bowl a while ago, and the lack of people farming there has allowed the grass, trees, and life to come back to that area, if this is true then that may mean that considerable time has passed since the present townsfolk have entered. (Credit, my brain)