Hebios Handle

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Hebios Handles are a rarer, and uncraftable, category of Handle that possess a unique effect.


Hebios Handles cannot be obtained through Carpentry, unlike the other Handles, and can only be found in Chests in the Forest.


There are 4 types, or variants, of Hebios Handles, and each corresponds to a particular Hebios Weapon Head, save for the Sai Blade.

Naginata Handle.png Katana Handle.png Wakizashi Handle.png Kunai Handle.png
Naginata Handle Katana Handle Wakizashi Handle Kunai Handle


The Kunai Handles are specifically used for creating your own Kunai, or throwing knives. When a Blade is attached to this handle, it will be made into a throwing knife which will now implant in walls.

The Naginata, Katana and Wakizashi Handles each posses a unique property that is not displayed in other handles, and is a unique effect known as the Hebios Wind Strike that is activated for a short period when the weapon is unsheathed. If an enemy is struck within the period that the effect persists, the weapon will take no damage, and the damage dealt will be increased. This effect does have a short cool down, so it must be used wisely.


Pre-Alpha Hebios Handles were added