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Type Item

Lanterns are a form of light source and serve as an alternative to Torches and Stakes.


  • Lanterns contain a Fuel Dock, so as long as they contain at least type of Fuel Items, they'll stay lit indefinitely.
  • Fuel Items can be transferred in or out of a Lantern by moving the joysticks on the controllers to the left or right. This will send the Fuel Item either into the Lantern or into the pouch of Fuel Items.
  • Lanterns can be placed on either of the Player's hip slots and stay burning and will not give off heat, allowing one to safely see whilst wielding any 2 other Items.
  • Lanterns may be placed on any hooks found around the game, including Wall Mounts and Cooking Stands.
  • Lanterns can light Dried Grass and Dynamite.
  • Lanterns can be placed onto medium or long wooden handles containing pickaxe heads or some other tool heads.


Lanterns can be crafted at the Crafting House, using one of the Assembly Decks and it's respective recipe page.


The Lantern requires 14 Metal Buckles to build. You are able to customize each piece in the steps below with a different material.

Assemblydeckrecipe lantern.png

The order of assembly is as follows:

  • Bottom base - 1 Buckle
  • Seven vertical bars - 7 Buckles
  • Top lid - 1 Buckle
  • Front ring - 1 Buckle
  • Small cap on front of lid - 1 Buckle
  • Handle attachment - 1 Buckle
  • Handle sides - 1 Buckle
  • Handle top - 1 Buckle