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So you want to be a Miner? Great! Mining is a Profession almost any Town will need. It will be your job to supply the Town with precious Ore and other minerals it needs to complete Repairing projects, and Craft more powerful tools and weapons. It is also one of the easier professions to get started in, just pick up a Pickaxe and go hit an Ore Vein! In this guide we'll be going over the basics of mining, and how to get started as a Miner.

Getting Started

To get started in Mining all you really need is a Pickaxe. Rusty Pickaxes can occasionally be found lying around the town when you first arrive, or if they have all been claimed you can get started with just a piece of Flint. If you do decide to use Flint however, it is recommended that you attach it to a Stick for ease of use to create a Primitive Pickaxe. Attaching it to the side (as opposed to the tip) will work better for mining, unless you're a big fan of stabbing ore head on.

Once you have obtained your tool, your next job is to find something to mine! In the Overworld you're able to find Sandstone around the town on occasion, and in the Quarry you can find Ore Vein of Copper, Iron, as well as Coal and more Sandstone. Approach your chosen vein, and hit it with your pickaxe. Generally larger (and faster) swings work better than smaller ones, so don't be afraid to really swing at it. Additionally, you will gain more swing power by using two hands rather than one. After a number of hits the vein should break up and bits of Ore will fall to the ground for you to pick up. Congratulations! You've obtained your first load as a Miner!

Impact, Hardness and Ores

Not all Pickaxes can mine all Ore Veins. The Metal that your Pickaxe is made out of defines what it is able to break. The breaking force of the Metal is referred to as Impact, while the strength of the ore vein is referred to as Hardness. You need a Pickaxe made of a material with an Impact that is equal to or greater than the Hardness of the Ore Vein you are trying to break. So if you hit an Ore Vein that then makes a dull ping noise, you'll need to upgrade your pickaxe. As a further note, Dynamite cannot affect Silver and Mythril.

The Mines

A majority of a Miners job is not done in the Overworld however. The Mines contain much more valuable Ores, Loot and other resources. Most of the mines are pitch black however, so a light source is necessary, such as a Torch, Lantern, or Spotlight. To create a Torch, attach some Dried Grass to a Stick, then light it on Fire. Be sure to keep an eye on your torch; they do burn out! When using your Lantern or Spotlight, be sure to load it up with plenty of fuel, such as wood or coal.

The Mines are also filled with dangerous Creatures, such as Wyrms and Turabadas. Be sure to watch your back down there. More often than not, you'll be better off with a small group of players to help explore the cave with you.

When being deep down in the mines for a while, it's quite easy to lose your way back. Of course, you can always get back to the surface by making your way back up, but it's excruciatingly slow and you run the risk of being injured or killed by the enemies that inhabit the caves. Your best bet when returning to the surface is by using a Teleportation potion, stored in a Gourd or a Flask.

What to do with your ores

Once you've collected Ore, be sure to drop them off at the Smithy. With the Ores, they'll be able to make new tools and Weapons there! The Ore that you mine can be dedicated for personal use, but community miners tend to place their ores in the Shared Storage just outside the Smithy.

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