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Type Creature

Phantoms are mysterious, ethereal creatures, resembling a deceased townsperson.


Phantoms are aggressive creatures, and will attack the Player on sight. They can often be heard by the Player as they make a strange howling sound.


Phantoms will quickly spot a player if they are in their vicinity, where they will then release a circular cloud of Nightmare, a poisonous gas that clouds the victim's vision, as if they were surrounded by fog.

A Phantom can also release a number of smaller 'minions' that will spread the Nightmare.

Minion (phantom).png


Though the Phantom minions can be killed using a traditional Weapon, the Phantom is invulnerable to almost all kinds of damage, making it a fearsome foe.

A Phantom can be made to materialize by exploding a Gotera Spore at its base. It can also be materialized with the Echolocation Mining Skill, but it's very unreliable.

Once the Phantom is materialized it can be killed through more traditional means.

Spawn Locations

Phantoms are always found at night, around Mountain Pass, near the Camps and their surrounding area, the outskirts of the map and the Archery Shrine, wandering almost aimlessly until they spot a victim...

Loot Drops

When killed, a Phantom has a very rare chance of dropping a phantom guard that can be combined with a Blade and Handle. When used, the weapon has increased attack power (depending on blade choice it can be up to almost three times the original damage), but it deals damage over time in the form of nightmare to the user, and at night summons Minions that keep the nightmare on the wielder if they are not killed. The only problem is you would have to kill a lot of Phantoms due to its high rarity as well as finding Phantoms themselves. In some cases, Phantoms may not be at their desired spots (due to randomized placement).

Phantom Guard Model.png

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