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Repairing is the process of placing Building Materials into a Repair Box in order to repair structures around the Town. There are currently ~50 structures to repair around Town.


Repairing structures like bridges and work stations to access new areas and content.


Locations Item 1 Item 2 Item 3
Staircase to Smithy Wood 200 Dried Grass 25
River bridge to Battlefield Sandstone 250
Bridge to Mountain Pass Birch/Oak Wood 200 Dried Grass 30
Staircase in The Cliffs Wood 200 Gold Ingot 20 Dried Grass 20
Ramp up to Woodcutter Shrine in Wooded Valley Walnut/Oak Wood 90 Dried Grass 12
Ramp down to Woodcutter Shrine in The Camps Wood 60 Dried Grass 15
Bridge to Blacksmith Shrine Wood 70 Dried Grass 10
Staircase to Blacksmith Shrine Wood 100 Dried Grass 20 Gold Ingot 15
Bridge to Mining Shrine Stone 300
Mould racks in the Smithy Wood 50 Copper(2)/Iron(2)/Gold(1) Ingot 15 Dried Grass 25
Recycler in the Smithy Coal 30 Iron Ingot 50
Deconstructor in Smithy and Carpentry Workshop Gold Ingot 5 Iron Ingot 25
Assembly Decks in the Crafting House Wood 15 Iron Ingot 10
Backpack Assemblers in the Crafting House Iron Ingot 20
Tavern Barrel Wood 50 Iron Ingot 5
Trade Decks Wood 15 Copper Ingot 4 Coins 3
Coin Presses in Town Hall Iron Ingot 15 Crystal 5 Coins 2
Televator Stone 200 Crystal 60
Mine Televators Stone 30 Crystal 15
Climbing Tower Bridge Oak Wood 100


Pre-Alpha Repairing was added.
Lake behind Town Hall
Temporary 'Backpack box' in Town Hall Repair Box added in area past Dust Bowl