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Type Creature

A Schmeechee is a small mushroom Creature in A Township Tale. There are different types of Schmeechee each resembling a different type of Mushroom. They can be found in areas that are not close to civilization, like the underground.


Schmeechees are docile and will often run away from the player upon approach. Once they have reached a distance from any players, they plant themselves into the ground.

Spawn Locations

Schmeechees can be found naturally in the Mines, The Forest, and Mountain Pass.

Types of Schmeechee

Orange Schmeechee

They are cute little creatures that have no intention of harming anyone or anything. While they shouldn't be eaten, they give the most nutrition out of all the other Schmeechee's.

Orange Schmeechee.png Glyph Orange-Schmeechee.png

Red Schmeechee

These Schmeechee are harmless and docile creatures, which do not poison you upon consumption.

Red Schmeechee.png Glyph Schmechee.png

Glow Schmeechee

Glow Schmeechee are an interesting type of Schmeechee; they can be used as a light source due to their soft white glow. But they are not to be eaten, they are poisonous. and they are not recommended as a torch.

Glow-Schmeechee.png Glyph Glowing-Schmeechee.png

Poison Schmeechee

Slightly poisonous, so not recommended for human consumption.

Poison Schmeechee.png Glyph Schmeechee-Poisonous.png