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The Smithy is the Location where one will most often encounter the Town's Blacksmith. Within the Smithy lies a Smeltery with which to refine Ore into Ingots or Ingots into Weapon Heads, Hilts and others, as well as a Fireplace where one may Forge their Weapons. For more information on Forging, see Blacksmith.


From facing the Player Spawn, turn right and make your way to the pond in the centre of Town. Turn left here, and up the rotating wooden stairs until you find the Smithy.

Alternatively, you can make your way up through the centre of Town, past the Tavern, and then up and around until you come out of a tunnel to the Smithy.

Notable Features


A large, metallic machine which can be used to process Ores into Ingots and Ingots into Weapon Heads.

The Smelter can also be used to make Alloys, by combining different Ores and Ingots.

The process can be sped up by pumping the bellows on the right side.

To upgrade the Smelter so it is able to craft superior metals, Crystals earned from completing the Combat Trials must be deposited into the front of the machine.



Forge and Anvil. A ceramic, perpetual forge which can be used to heat Weapon Heads for Forging.

It is capable of heating every metal, and is a core component of making Weapons.

The forge is located at the front of the Smithy , and is adjacent to the Anvil.


A heavy, metal anvil which provides the surface for Forging. Blacksmith Racks. It is large enough to comfortably forge most Weapon Heads.


Mould Rack

A series of machine contraptions that allow housing of Moulds. The Smithy starts off with a single mould rack, but a series of Repair Boxes allow for additional storage. Moulds become tethered to the Smithy after being stored in a mould rack, or the Smelter. One rack can carry 8 moulds, making enough space for 48 moulds, or as many that exist in the game. You can navigate through these racks by pulling on the rope (either up or down) to access Moulds.



A machine used to deconstruct crafted tools and weapons. A tool or weapon can be clamped into the machine and parts can be removed with a hammer and chisel. There are two Deconstructors available to be built.



The Recycler allows you to smelt down crafted metal items into ingots by pumping a fan much similar to the one attached to the Smelter at a loss in material cost. It requires a fuel source to run.

There is one Recycler available to be built outside the Smithy , on the opposite side from where the anvil is located.


Aerial Map

The following is an aerial map showing the town area with the Smithy building circled.

ATT Town Area Aerial Map - Smithy Circled
A Township Tale Town Area Aerial Map with the Smithy Circled