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Type Creature

A Spriggull is a Creature in A Township Tale. They have an appearance similar to that of a dodo bird, the main difference being the Spriggull's colourful feathers.

A Glyph of A Spriggull


Spriggulls are aggressive and will attack the player on sight, during night Spriggulls will be sleeping and inactive. This will give the player an advantage over attacking them as they will take time to react. Approaching a Spriggull at night will cause the Spriggull to become active again and attack the Player. Spriggulls may also attack other Creatures, and even each other. Babu will attack and eat Spriggulls.

Spawn Locations

Currently, Spriggulls will only spawn in the Overworld, most commonly around Town, Mountain Pass, and the The Ponds.

Loot Drops

A Spriggull will drop the following items upon death: