Spriggull Meat

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Spriggull Meat
Spriggull Meat
Type Food

A Spriggull Meat is a Food Item in A Township Tale. It is a Drumstick resembling that of an ordinary chicken, the difference being its blue colour and its abnormal size.


Spriggull Meat can be Eaten to recover health after taking damage by satisfying hunger that depletes over time. If uncooked, the drumstick can cause food poisoning.

Spriggull Meats can be cooked by creating a Campfire and being placed near the fire. It will burn if left near the Fire too long or placed directly into the fire, reducing it to just the Bone. Its color will flash to brown upon being Roasted.

Upon being Eaten, they will produce Bones. Spriggull Meat may also be Stewed, but if they are uncooked, will poison the Player.

If cut with a Knife, a Spriggull Meat drumstick will split into two Spriggull Meat chunks.


Spriggull Meats can be obtained by hunting and killing a Spriggull. Upon death a Spriggull will drop Spriggull Meats which can then be retrieved and Eaten by the Player.

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