Town Hall

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Town Hall
Town Hall

The Town Hall is the tallest building in the Town, and is the hub for economic activity between players thanks to its features.


From facing the Player Spawn, turn right to make your way through and up the centre of Town, turning right again and then left to follow the path up the hill. At this point, the Town Hall will be easily visible.


Currently the Town Hall contains Lockboxes where Players can store items in up to 6 Docks. It also has Coin Presses, for minting new Coins out of Gold Ingots, and Coin Banks to store them. On the outside, Players can find a Mail Box to send Gifts to others.


The Town Hall will contain multiple breakable crates and vases, Backpacks, Coins and other loot.

Aerial Map

The following is an aerial map showing the town area with the Town Hall building circled.

A Township Tale Town Area Aerial Map with the Town Hall Circled