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Type Creature

Turabadas , (commonly called "golems" amongst the community) are large, boulder-like Creatures with massive boulders for arms, and glowing yellow eyes. They are often found in the Mines and the Quarry.


Turabadas are aggressive and will attack the Player as soon as they are in sight. They also actively engage nearby Wyrms if any have spawned, sometimes taking them as a priority over players.


Turabadas possess five main abilities: Melee Strike, Uppercut, Ground Pound, Bunker Down, and Self Destruct.
Melee Strike should speak for itself, but it mainly consists of a powerful punch from either arm.
Uppercut is much like the base Melee Strike ability, but it strikes three times in rapid succession. The first is a right hook, the second a left; the third ending in a powerful uppercut.
Ground Pound is much like the Uppercut ability, with 5 total attacks instead. A powerful left hook, followed by a right hook, then a left hook, then a right hook, then into a two-arm Ground Pound.
Bunker Down is an ability which allows the Turabadas to sit down, with its arms in front of it, shielding itself. While it is sitting, it is immobile, and an easy target, however, while sitting it will also attempt to heal. The progress of which can be easily timed by a green hemisphere expanding from it. If not killed or knocked down fast enough, it will heal a portion of its health.

Self Destruct looks just like Bunker Down except the green circle that normally shows that its healing does not appear. This attack will severely damage the Turabada and potently kill itself, but will also severely damage anyone in its rather large explosive radius. The only way to disarm the Turabada at this point is to kill it or knock it down.


Turabadas are quite formidable foes in 1v1 fights, and the Player is usually at a disadvantage if they do not possess healing supplies or a Shield, making them highly dangerous against new players.
The Bow and Arrow can be used to hit Turabadas from a distance or from cover, making it a slower but safer way of killing Turabadas . This would be a good choice for Rangers.
Note: Turabadas , like their Ore counterparts, can be mined to death with Pickaxes instead of using weapons, and are equally as weak to Dynamite.

Spawn Locations

Turabadas are found from Layer 2 of the Mines downwards, alongside the two Wyrm variants. They also can be found in an area next to the Televator called the Quarry. You'll easily be able to see their location and where they spawn by their two distinct yellow eyes that glow in the darkness of the cave. They can also spawn in certain areas of the Large Forest.

Loot Drops

Turabadas will always drop Stone, and have a chance to drop Flint. Dependent on the variant, they may also drop various Ores. The rarer the ore of the Turabada itself, the rarer the ores it drops upon death.

They may also on rare occasion, drop a Turabada Arm that can be attached to certain tools as a special hammer variant. This hammer roughly has the damage and stun potential of an iron hammer, but does not work for crafting at all. (Note: Attaching this does not allow it to be attached to your hip slot, although it can be placed on a Tool Hook.)

Turabada Arm.png

They also have a chance of dropping the Turabada Shards, which can be used as both a unique Arrow Head or a pommel. They can also be thrown as a powerful explosive that detonates on impact with creatures or the ground.

Turabada Shard.png


Currently, the Turabada has 6 variants:

Normal Copper Gold
Normal Turabada.png Copper Turabada (cropped).png Gold Turabada.png
Iron Silver Mythril
Iron Turabada.png Silver Turabada.png Mythril turabada 4.png


In the language of the Township, it is known that Turabada has an English Translation. It has been confirmed that it translates to "Grounded Hammer".


History Turabada was added.