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Type Resource
Location(s) Forest, Wooded Valley, Dust Bowl
Code WoodcutWedge

The article below covers content that is only in the PC version of A Township Tale at this time (only Oak wood is present in the Quest version).

Wood is a common resource used to craft a variety of tool handles, in addition to being the most readily available source of fuel.


Wood is necessary to complete various activities around Town, such as Repairing Buildings and Carpentry.

Wood may also be used as a Fuel Item, allowing it to be used for Campfires, or placed in Fuel Docks for Lanterns, the Spotlight or the Smelter.


There are currently 5 Variants of Wood:

Wood Image Tree Durability (Comparitive) Weight (Comparative) Can be cut by:
Oak Oak Wood .png Oak Tree Variant.png 1 3 Flint +
Birch Birch Wood.png Birch Tree Variant.png 2 1 Copper +
Walnut Walnut Wood.png Walnut Tree Variant.png 3 4 Iron +
Ash Ash Wood.png Ash Tree Variant.png 4 5 Mythril +
Redwood Redwood.png Redwood Tree Variant.png 4 2 Mythril +

Wood weights.gif


Woods can be:



  • Wood was formerly referred to as "Wooden Wedges", but fell out of favour and is now more frequently referred to as just "wood" by most of the playerbase.