Wooden Bag

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Wooden Bag
Wooden Bag
Type Item

The Wooden Bag was added in as a resource for people just beginning their adventures in the Township.


Wooden Bags have 6 Docks, unlike the traditional Backpacks. This is because they are much easier to obtain than Backpacks, and are thus best for new players. These bags also have a 2x Stack Limit, much like the Legacy Backpack.

Wooden Bag can be retrieved from the Player's back by placing their hand behind their back and grabbing it.


New Players will spawn with the Wooden Bag which they created in the Tutorial.

Wooden Bags can only be crafted at the Crafting House, using one of the Assembly Decks and its respective Recipe Page.


The Wooden Bag requires 10 Sticks and 6 Dried Grass. This makes it much easier for new players to craft.

Assemblydeckrecipe wooden bag.png

The order of assembly is as follows:

  • Main Frame - 9 Sticks
  • Walls - 5 Dry Grass
  • Handle - 1 Stick, 1 Dry Grass


Pre-Alpha Wooden Bag was added.


  • In the patch notes on Reddit, Bossun referred to the new starter bag as the "Simple Bag", but after a community vote on the Meta Discord, it was agreed to be named "Wooden Bag" on the wiki.