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Potions provide players in "A Township Tale" with a variety of wacky buffs, effects and ways to compliment your playstyle.

Potion List:

  • Teleport Potion: After drinking the magenta-coloured potion, you will be teleported back to town. These are very useful for activities that might result in you dead, or stranded far from town as a backup plan. As of, it is the only potion in the game.

A Flask can hold one unit of potion, whereas a Gourd can hold two. Empty containers can be refilled in the potion crate past the Dust Bowl. Potions can also be used as a base liquid to make stews instead of water, causing it to have the stews' buff along with the effect of the potion.

Potions shouldn't be confused with ATT's stewing system, which provides a wide variety of buffs depending on what you cook them with.