Character Customization

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Character Customization
Character Customization
Type Activity

Character Customization is the process of changing the appearance of a character. It is the first step of joining most servers. The Tutorial server is the exception to this rule, where every players character is randomized from their available cosmetics.


There are several categories known about for customization. Only categories with items available are shown.

  • Body Type
  • Skin Color
  • Eye Style
  • Nose
  • Hair
  • Eyebrows
  • Eyelashes
  • Mustache
  • Beard
  • Shirt
  • Skirt
  • Sash / Vest
  • Jacket
  • Hat
  • Eyewear
  • Earrings
  • Arm bands
  • Toolbelt

Customization Process

Applying an item can be done by grabbing the item from the board, and dropping it onto the character. Removing can be done by grabbing the item off the character, and releasing it away from the character. Some categories (such as skirt, undershirt, nose, eyes, etc.) can only be replaced. They can not be removed.

Recoloring items

Most items can be recolored, with at least one color. Different parts of an item can have up to two colors: a primary, and a secondary. A single item may have multiple parts though, and therefore could have more than two colors total.

Recoloring an item involves using the larger brush (for primary) or smaller brush (for secondary). Dipping the brush into a color on the color palette selects that color, and and touching the character with the brush applies the color.

There are 48 colors to choose from.

Acquiring more customization options

There are currently no ways to earn cosmetics through gameplay, though this may be changed in the future. More customization options can be purchased in the Cosmetic Store.

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