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Lockboxes are mystical storage devices inside of the Town Hall. There are currently three Lockboxes in the Town Hall.


Lockboxes can be opened by placing the Player's hand onto the hand symbol which is on the Lockbox. This will cause the Lockbox to open and reveal 6 Docks which the Player can place any of the items they are carrying. Lockboxes have a stack multiplier of 3x, this means it can hold 3 stacks of an item in one dock. These items will be stored here permanently and can only be accessed by the player opening the Lockbox even if another player opens the same Lockbox. Lockboxes are persistent through the wipes performed during every game update.


If a Player logs out while using a Lockbox, the Lockbox will become unusable by other players until a server reset, or until the Player logs back on and moves away from the Lockbox.