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You can move around the world of "A Township Tale" via teleportation, or as update, smooth locomotion using the Valve Index's and Oculus Rift's analog joystick, or the HTC Vive's trackpad.

Movement settings

Locomotion options lever

Movement settings can be found in the level to the left side of the server selection board then pulling the level with a train icon.

Options include:

  • Disabling smooth locomotion
  • Changing whether it follows your controller or head while walking/running.
  • Changing which hand's joystick/trackpad is responsible for walking/running .
  • If you hold down the joystick/trackpad or press it to run.


When smooth locomotion is on, the hand not used for walking is used for teleporting.

  • When smooth locomotion is off, both hands are used for teleporting.

If your Hunger is too low you can't sprint or teleport as far.

  • If you are starving your teleport/walk speed is reduced to a crawl

To sprint, press the joystick down.