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This feature, or portion(s) of this feature, are not available on the Oculus Quest platform. They can only be accessed via. the PC version of the game.

The Babu is a neutral, but very strong Creature that can be found lumbering throughout the Forest.

Type Creature
Location(s) Forest


The Babu is a neutral Creature, meaning as long as Players do no damage to it, it will remain passive. If angered, the Babu will become relentlessly aggressive, charging at the Player in an attempt to stun and then promptly butcher them with their tusks. This makes the Babu a dangerous foe unless you come equipped. It’s a good idea to use bows, the air-slash melee skill, or any other ranged method if you want to get out of fighting it unscathed. Using the high ground to your advantage is also a good idea for those who dislike being mauled.

At Night, however, the Babu is completely harmless to the player, and can be observed sleeping and snoring rather loudly.

Babu are very fond of Raw Spriggull Meat. If on the ground, held by a Player or even in a Player's inventory, the Babu will move towards it or its holder and will eat it when given an opportunity to.


When slain, the Babu will drop 3-4 Meat Chunks, which can then be Roasted and split into 4 Meat Chops. These act as a good food source, and when consumed will provide the Player with a Strength Buff.

Pre-Alpha Babu was added