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This feature, or portion(s) of this feature, are not available on the Oculus Quest platform. They can only be accessed via. the PC version of the game.


The Forest is an expansive and varied location in the Overworld, packed full of interesting features and discoveries for the Player to find and conquer.


The Forest joins onto the Camps, and then stretches further out to what may seem like infinity.


An important disclaimer, before the numerous features and geographical areas are listed off, is that the Forest differs from Server to Server. Therefore, we cannot specifically mention where a certain oddity is found, and you may make discoveries that were not even intended thanks to the wonders of procedural generation.



Forest Mountains.png


Deadlands Forest.png

Walnut Groves

Groves Forest.png

Birch Groves

Birch Grove Forest.png

Geographical Features


Forest Waterfall.png


Ruins Forest.png


The Forest is home to many new Creatures and variants of existing ones. These include:


The Forest is a wondrous land of mystery, and features many strange features which may provide a significant challenge to Players, but reward them highly...

Death Fern

Death Fern.png

A poisonous plant that excretes gas when a player gets near.

Cave Elevator

Forest Cave Elevator.png

An elevator that descends down into a small cavern, featuring assorted Ore such as Coal and Copper.

Hanging Sack

Hanging Sack Forest.png

When struck open, the Hanging Sack will drop assorted loot such as Cloth Bundles and Leather Rolls.

Turabada Dome

Turabada Dome.png

A home for the Turabadas.

Life Vine Spire

Life Vine Spire.png

From each of the ledges of the spire you will find the hanging Life Vines, which when brought down can be thrown at a Player's feet to heal them.

Unique Loot

Large Leather Rolls

Assembly Deck Large Leather Rolls.png

Hebios Weapon Parts

Naginata Broken Pieces.png

Hebios Handles

Katana Handle.png


Pre-Alpha Forest was added