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This feature, or portion(s) of this feature, are not available on the Oculus Quest platform. They can only be accessed via. the PC version of the game.

Goteras are large tree-like Creatures with glowing yellow eyes and a projectile-launching nose branch. They are encountered in the Wooded Valley.


Goteras are aggressive Creature and will attack the Player upon sight. Gotera will wander around an area and will become hostile and fire projectiles at the Player once they've been spotted by the Gotera . Also, Goteras will attack other Creatures such as Spriggulls if they're spotted.


There are multiple variants of Gotera, and each has their own attack patterns and properties:

Image Description
Gotera base image.png Normal Gotera: When the Gotera spots a player, it will initiate their turret mode, and plant their feet. At range, they will shoot tree nuts at you continuously that do a bit of damage, but can easily be deadly in their high volume. When you close into sword distance, in between shooting nuts, they will shoot several Gotera Spores. Touching them deals damage, but as long as you are very close to the Gotera, they likely won't hit you. They may also stomp the ground to shoot a brambly vine through the ground, and up to hit the player.
Birch Gotera.png Birch Gotera effectively attack in the same way as the normal variant, save for how their spores drop. When released, they strike the ground much faster and explode on impact to stun players, making them much more lethal as it is harder to escape.
Walnut Gotera.png Walnut Gotera feature a shotgun-like nozzle, which fires 3-5 Gotera Darts at a player each time. As well as this, they may also release Gotera Bombs which explode in a small radius.
Ash Gotera.png Ash Gotera use the power of their legs to stomp the ground, sending reverberations through the ground to damage players.
Redwood Gotera.png The Redwood Gotera variant specialises in short range attacks, such as their massive and destructive tripe-vinespike attack, meaning the Redwood Gotera is notoriously difficult to get close to without suffering damage.


The Gotera has three stances for different situations: Standing, Prowling and Planted. When a Gotera is Standing, it is in its neutral stance and can not fire at the Player. This usually means it has not spotted the Player yet or is sprinting towards them. Prowling is when the Gotera will move slower than usual and will fire at an average pace attempting to hit the Player. Planted is when the Gotera has bent its knees and essentially rooted itself into the ground, when in this mode the Gotera is unable to move, but can fire at an accelerated pace and also gives it access to moves such as the Spin Projectile Attack.


Due to its varied move-set Goteras can be hard to predict, but it is known that Goteras are susceptible to attacks with axes, and will take more damage when hit with an axe weapon. The best chance of getting the upper hand against a Gotera is to surround it with multiple people in an area with lots of cover, so Players can hide, fire arrows, or distract the Gotera while others attack.

Spawn Locations

Goteras can spawn in the small Forest, Wooded Valley and the Forest.

Loot Drops

Legacy Drops

The Gotera used to drop, but no longer drops these items


In the language of the Township, it is known that Gotera has an English Translation. Some have speculated that it roughly translated to "Moving Tree".


Pre-Alpha Gotera was added.