Wooded Valley

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Wooded Valley
Wooded Valley
Type Location

The Wooded Valley is an area which is abundant in trees, small lakes, and ponds, and various secrets to explore. One could spend time here taking in the scenery, and even take a few photos of the beautiful surroundings with their fellow townsmen.


From facing the Player Spawn, turn left and make your way accross the Sandstone bridge, through the Battlefield, and over the next Wooden bridge to find the Wooded Valley.

Unique Aspects

This location is a spawn point for normal Gotera, and main area for Woodcutters to cut wood aside from the Forest or Cliffs. It also holds a Repair Box that needs supplies to open up a path which leads to the Woodcutter Shrine. Building the path requires 90 Wooden Wedges, and 12 Dried Grass, and must be reached by a fairly hidden path around a small mountain on the far-southwest part of the Camps.

Until the path in the Wooded Valley has been built, the above method is also the only means to reach the Woodcutting Shrine.

Continuing through the Valley will bring you to a vast open field know as The Camps.

(Photo of Wooded Valley)

The Grove.png


Cooks might consider coming here in search of ingredients as Wooded Valley is abundant with them. Ingredients include: Berry Bushes, Apples, Eggplant, Onions, Carrots, and Pumpkins.

Important note for Woodcutters: Remember to clear the stumps of your fell trees, they won't grow back otherwise!