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Type Profession


The Cook (or Chef) is the person who everyone wants to be friends with. They are the one that makes sure that every Miner, Blacksmith, Woodcutter or whatever Profession they have has a full stomach before heading off to work. You can usually find them hanging around the Tavern preparing delicious Stews for everyone who desires a good meal. When they aren't around the Tavern they are collecting ingredients for their next delicious meal.

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A Cook does various forms of Cooking.
To be able to cook anything you need to have ingredients. To get these ingredients you have to gather them from various locations.
A location where you can find a lot of these ingredients is at the Wooded Valley or the Bandit Camps.

A Cook may also have a more insidious side... They can create poisonous dishes by cutting 2 pieces of uncooked meat, putting the resulting 4 Raw Meat in a pot and leaving it to stew. Once the stew has turned a dark blue hue, the Cook may feed the unsavory meal to any villager they particularly dislike.

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