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As a settler of this Town, you are not locked down in any Roles. It is up to you and others to decide what your responsibility will be, or if you will have any at all. Each of these roles we describe refers to a set of core features in the game. Through updates, more and more will be coming to A Township Tale. No Stone left unturned, we are exploring everything a low-fantasy world can offer. You could become a Woodcutter, a fisherman, a tanner, an adventurer, forager, Cook, Merchant, vendor, trapper, hunter and many more. Each with their own set of specialized disciplines, there are many more you’ll come up with in how you approach a particular field. If Combat is your fancy, you could be an Armoured Warrior, or a nimble Ranger?

Every role contributes to the Town in some shape, way or form. Hunters, foragers, fishermen, farmers and cooks supply the villagers with a steady source of tasty food to eat. Warriors and Rangers supply the Town and its Citizens with protection from Phantoms, malicious players, and any threat that gets thrown at them. Merchants, shopkeepers and vendors all contribute to the economy of the Town, providing many ways to spend and trade for coin.

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