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Type Item

Coins are golden disks with an image on either side.


Although rarely used as currency due to the ease of inflation, coins can be used at Trade Decks found at the market or Town Hall, or at Mailboxes found around Town.

Coins can be slotted into a Trade deck by a player as a way to "rent" the deck for selling an item. Other players can deposit coins in the front of the deck to buy the item.

Coins can similarly be slotted into a Mailbox by a player to send a friend up to 3 items to their Postbox.

Outside their intended uses above, some Players use them for gambling by flipping the coin and seeing if it lands on heads (Skull) or tails (Pickaxe).


Coins can be placed in any inventory slot, such as in the toolbelt's Docks or a Backpack, and are the only item able to be placed into the Bank.


Coins can be made from Gold Ingots (1 Ingot = 5 Coins) by way of the Coin Press in Town Hall. They can be found as loot in the Overworld and in Cave Structures.