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Type Location

The Mines is a dark and dangerous place to explore, a torch or other means of lighting is highly recommended. However dangerous it may be, the rewards can outweigh the risks of exploring this treacherous underground labyrinth of stone. Deep with in its recesses, many Creatures, Ores, and other valuable Resources are located.

There is a possibility that the Mines are only a small part of a vast cave network extending across most of the known land. Notably the caves have massive stones piled up in tunnels that look as if it was once used for travel to an unknown Location. The Mines were occupied by at least one group of Townsmen fueling speculation these tunnels are not yet fully explored, and hold many secrets yet to be discovered.

This is often the favorite Location in which Miners tend to visit often.


From facing the Player Spawn, turn right and make your way through the center of Town. Follow the path all the way up towards the Town Hall (the large tower), and turn left once you reach the top of the hill to find the entrance to the Mines.

Unique Aspects

The Mines are procedurally generated, made up of multiple layers as you travel deeper down the caverns. When entering the Mines it will be extremely dark, thus a torch, or lantern will aid in exploring. Further down upon reaching the Crystal Caverns, the lighting will be a bit better, albeit still relatively dark. As you explore you will find platform ruins with chests filled with loot. Also scattered about randomly are Diggables. (Described below)

Situated just above the Mines , is what townsmen commonly refer to as the "Televator." This building requires Crystal Orbs to function. Turning the wheel will change the cost of Crystal Orbs for how deep you want to go down the mine. This is represented by a glowing line.


As one progresses deeper within the Mines , many different Cave Biomes can be encountered, each containing their own unique Creatures and Resources.

Here is a list of all Cave Biomes:


Inside the caves, players may stumble across various Diggables that can be dug up with a Shovel.

Crate Diggable.png Geode Diggable.png
A Crate Diggable A Geode Diggable


Cave Structures are procedurally generated wooden structures that house crates and Chests filled with various loot, such as Tool Heads and Teleportation Potions.

Cave structures wide shot.png

Combat Trials can be found deep in the mines on layers 21, 41, and 61. The trials test your combat skills and reward you with Smelter upgrades. These smelter gems unlock the ability to smelt new ores and alloys.

Nearby Locations

  • The Quarry is situated to the right of the Televator.
  • The Televator is found above the Mines entrance on top a mountain.
  • The Town Hall is located across from the Mines entrance.

Nearby Resources

  • Dried Grass can be found scattered all around outside The Mines, and inside the main entrance.
  • A Chest is located just outside the entrance of The Mines on top of a platform.


  • The game actually continues to generate floors past floor 100. The lodestones used to teleport down are still generated every 10th floor past floor 100, allowing players to teleport back to the Televator upon being rebuilt, but there is currently no method to teleport back to these lodestones from the Televator.


The mines were added in the first Public Pre-Alpha.

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