Dried Grass

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Dried Grass
Dried Grass
Type Resource

Dried Grass item in the game, and is necessary for the survival of Players when they first join.


Dried Grass can be placed on Sticks to create Torches, on the groundwork to start a Campfire, or can be lit and thrown elsewhere as a form of primitive ranged lighting. They can also be fired from slingshots for more range.

Dried Grass can also be used to Repair infrastructure, Unlocking new areas of the town.


Dried Grass can be obtained by grabbing a patch of Dried Grass , these patches will be a yellowish color compared to the usual green. Dried Grass is most commonly found near Spawn, Battlefield, and in the Mines.

Dried Grass patches can be sliced with medium or large sized blades to create multiple Dried Grass balls, often 2 but sometimes 3.