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The Camps (Often called "Bandit camps" or "Hebios camps" by the community) are a series of small, fortified areas that can be found past the Wooded Valley. Although they are abandoned, they have numerous chest and crates which can hold unique loot not available in the Mines or other areas of the Overworld (like pieces for the blades of Naginatas, Sais, Wakizashis, and Katanas).

The camps are located in a large field where Phantoms, Sprigguls, and Heartfruit can appear.

There are 2 exits from the camp area going to the Wooded Valley and one that leads to the Forest.


The Camps contains multiple Log Chests inside. These Chests can contain rare Loot such as Hebios Equipment, like Gourds and Wakizashis. Heartfruit also spawns randomly in this area Hebios pronged arrows can also spawn. They do the same amount of damage as a copper arrow.

There are also wooden boxes, which can be broken with any weapon, and contain things such as Mushrooms, Spriggull Meat, or Hebios Blade Pieces.