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Every Player has a Nutrition bar, which decreases over time. A low Nutrition bar decreases your maximum teleport distance and the inability to sprint with smooth locomotion. To increase their Nutrition bar again, a player must eat Food . Food can also have other effects, including Poison, Buffs, or even, in the case of a Stew, the effects of a Potion.

Displaying Nutrition

Nutrition level is the orange bar beneath the fullness bar shown on the wrist. Each notch indicates a different stage, with different consequences. Altogether, there are 70 points of nutrition, with a single Blueberry recovering one point each.

Effects of Nutrition

  • "Saturated" (Full bar) : The ability to sprint and passive health recovery when not in combat.
  • "Hungry" (First bar missing) : Reduced teleportation distance and inability to sprint.
  • "Starving" (Second bar missing) : Begin to take damage from lack of nutrition.

Food Statistics

The statistics for all the Ingredients and Edibles can be found on the Stewing and Eating page, respectively.


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