Leather Roll

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Leather Roll
Leather Roll
Type Item

The Leather Roll is a generic crafting item added in, and is used in the creation of many items including, but not limited to Backpacks and Side Pockets.


Leather Rolls are a very important item when using the Assembly Deck. A list of the Items that require it can be found on the Assembly Deck page.


  • Leather Rolls can be obtained by destroying Pots and breakable Crates that can be found in the Overworld or deep in the Mines
  • Leather Rolls can be found by killing Dais
    • Tan Leather Rolls from tan Dais
    • Brown Leather Rolls from red Dais
  • Green Leather Rolls are a rare drop from Wyrms when they are slain
  • Gray Leather Rolls are only found from breaking Pots or Crates