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Crystal Equipment are very powerful but brittle Tools and Weapons that can be found in A Township Tale.

Crystal Pickaxe.png Crystal Sword.png Crystal Lance.png
Pickaxe Light Sword Two-handed Rapier


Crystal Equipment are some of the best weapons and Tools available in A Township Tale. With very few materials classified as better, Crystal is high damaging but has very low durability compared to other materials.


Crystal Equipment must be obtained by Mining the large, blue crystals found in the Crystal Caverns deep inside the Mines. Upon being destroyed, they may drop a random Tool , as well as Crystal Gems. Crystal Shards can be obtained by smashing the Crystal Gems.


The Crystal Rapier is heavier than all the other crystal tools, and is used with 2 hands. Still very powerful with one hand.

The Crystal Pickaxe is extremely effective against Turabadas, killing them in a couple of hits, making it a ideal weapon for fighting them, but the pickaxe can't mine anything above copper.

The Light Crystal Sword is a sword great for killing Wyrms. It is effective, but not as good as the pickaxe. It does pretty much everything a sword does.


Crystal Tools are extremely brittle, but not too brittle. They break so easily to the point where its slightly pointless to use them outside of the mine.