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After a townsman has cleared the Boulders blocking the entrance, they are greeted by a small forest of trees, wooden platforms, and a winding path to the top of the Cliffs. A gloomy and eerie place, no one is quite sure if this area was once a settlement, or if this was a mining operation gone wrong. One thing is for certain, many Wyrms have made their home here. For a townsman, danger is literally lurking beneath their feet.


The Cliffs
The Cliffs
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This area has multiple winding staircases scaling cliffs. One of the first staircases is in need of Repairing, while another requires that you teleport over rocky cliffs, or climb onto different platforms to reach the top.

There are multiple Chests scattered around this area, which can all be freely looted. Bellow the Cliffs is a grassy area abundant in choppable Trees, and many Chests scattered about. As a townsmen explores the area Wyrms will randomly pop out of the ground and attack. They may attack in groups, therefore it is advisable to be prepared for a fight.

At the top of the cliffs is a ruined building containing a chest, and a crate filled with a purple liquid used for a Teleportation Potion.

Refilling an empty Flask or an empty Gourd by submersing it in this liquid provides you with either two uses of Teleportation Potion with a Gourd, or a single use with a Flask. This magical liquid never runs out of supply.

Important note for Woodcutters: Remember to clear the stumps of your fell trees, they won't grow back otherwise!

Nearby Resources

  • Trees are located all over on the lowest level of the Cliffs.
  • A Chest located across a small pond. This area can only be accessed by teleporting to up the rocky are next to it, or by climbing.
  • A Chest sits far at the back of the grassy area past the Trees, passing under a stone arch.
  • A Chest rests on the side of the hill to the right of the chest located at the back of the grassy area. This can only be accessed by either climbing the hill, or teleporting down from the Cliffs.
  • Although extremely rare, Phantoms have been sighted within The Cliffs during the night.
  • Heartfruit will sometimes grow on the sides of The Cliffs. These are very rare and should be gathered upon sighting them.