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Type Location

The Ponds can be found up the hill to the right of the Town Hall. Following this path will lead to the Archery Shrine. This area holds a sewer line that holds items that were dropped down the Well, and a chest next to it with random loot.


Here, you can find plenty of Spriggulls and Berry Bushes, which are both Food for the Player. It also lays home to the only Well in town. Due to the many ponds, plenty of vegetation grows here making this a perfect place to take photos, meet-up with fellow townsmen, and relax for a bit after a hard days adventuring.

Nearby Resources

  • Berry Bushes can be found randomly scattered here.
  • There are many Spriggulls, which makes this area very good for hunting.

Nearby Locations

  • The Town Hall is situated just south of The Ponds.
  • The Archery Shrine is hidden under a mountain pass where a small stream runs through it.