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Woodcutting is the process of chopping down Trees, and chopping them up into Wood, Sticks, and Arrow Shafts. It has an experienced-based level system and skills can be learned by visiting the Woodcutter Shrine after leveling up in Woodcutting. Speed of the woodcutting process is mostly determined by the quality of your tool and how you swing it like most professions; higher quality metals will chop a tree more quickly and full follow-through swings lead to the most effective cutting. Woodcutting is the main source of wood for Carpenters and Arrow Shafts for Rangers.



  • Swing the Axe at the Tree.
  • You should see a chip come out of the tree
  • Repeat until a solid chunk is taken out
  • Repeat on the opposite side, it should soon snap
  • Continue chopping the tree in various places until you have individual segments
  • Chop an individual segment to get wood or Sticks (see below for more info).


A large log gives you: ~6 Wood

A medium log gives you: 2 - 3 Wood

A branch gives you: 1 - 2 Sticks

Choppable versus Non-Choppable Trees

Not all trees in A Township Tale can be chopped down. Choppable trees can be found in the Wooded Valley, The Cliffs, and in select places in the Mountain Pass. The easiest way to tell the trees apart is the bark pattern. Most choppable trees are also very straight in structure while the non-choppable ones spread out to have large canopies and roots that spread out.

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