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Fire is a vital part of A Township Tale. During the Night, deep in the Mines, or in other dark situations, having a Light Source is extremely useful. Fire is the most easily accessible light source in the game.

Creating Fire

A Flammable can catch Fire by heating up to a ignition temperature, or lit with a spark. To create a spark, you can hit a Flint against either another Flint, a Stone, or an Ore. Often it takes multiple spark attempts for the flammable to catch Fire .

Fire Temperature

Depending on the Flammable, Fire may be different temperatures. Other objects near the Fire will heat up to that temperature. This allows for Fire to spread to other Flammables.

Temperature is a vital part in activities such as Cooking and Forging.


A large benefit of Fire is the fact that it emits light. This allows it to be used to help navigation of dark environments like the Mines or during night time.


Players can catch Fire if they heat up to a particular temperature. When dealing with Fire , make sure you don't let it touch your body, otherwise you will start taking damage.

Common Uses

Fire is commonly used for:

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