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Inventory is an important part of A Township Tale. There are three types of inventory docks, Private, Public, and Player. Private docks are included in Backpacks and inside of Lockboxes. Public docks are found in multiple places around the town, they can be found in chest, and shelves. Player docks are found connected to the players belt.

Inventory resembles a bubble (called an Inventory Dock.) The inventory dock will increase in size if you move an item close to it, this happens to let the player know that the item can be placed inside.

Inventory Docks will change in color to indicate the rarity of the Item(s) within it.

Inventory Dock Colors

  • Grey - Empty
  • Green - Common
  • Blue - Rare
  • Purple - Epic
  • Orange - Legendary

Inventory Interactions


There are several ways that the character is able to interact with inventories.

Pull Single Item

By pressing the trigger and quickly pulling the controller away from the inventory dock, the player can take a single of that item away from the inventory.

Pull Stack

By holding the trigger until the controller vibrates, the player can pull a full stack of items in the form of a pouch.

Split Stack

By holding a pouch in one hand and holding the trigger of the other hand, it is possible to split a stack in half.


By putting items near the top of a pouch of the same type, it is possible to scoop up items very quickly.

Place in Backpack

By putting an item over the player's shoulder/head with a backpack equipped and letting go when the controller vibrates, it is possible to quickly store inside of the backpack.


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