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Type Storage

The Quiver is an item that holds arrows for Rangers. The Quiver can only be placed in the far left or far right belt slots, which is to probably to prevent players from hitting sensitive areas during heated battles. Quivers raise the arrows so they are easier to grab. They often spawn as loot in all levels of the mines.

The quiver can hold one type of Arrow at a time, and has a capacity of 90.



The Quiver requires 1 Metal Plate, 1 Leather Roll, 3 Leather Strips, 4 Metal Buckles. You are able to customize each piece in the steps below with a different material.

Assemblydeckrecipe quiver.png

The order of assembly is as follows:

  • Bag body - 1 Leather Roll
  • Two metal body rings - 2 Metal Buckles
  • Laces - 1 Leather Strip
  • Bag handle - 1 Leather Strip
  • Two handle attachments, one handle wrap - 2 Metal Buckles, 1 Leather Strip
  • Metal Plate on top of Quiver - 1 Metal Plate