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Type Weapon

Arrows are retrievable ammo for Bows. They can be crafted by combining an Arrow Shaft with an Arrow head and a Fletching. Special variants can be commonly found in around the world map. Arrow Heads can be crafted at the Smithy and damage is mostly dependent on metal type. Red Feathers create better accuracy for lighter arrows, while Blue Feathers create better accuracy for heavier arrows.


As a Weapon, Arrows may be fired by Bows in Combat. Practicing at the Training Dummies can significantly help in understanding the mechanics, thus improving fighting ability in Combat.

Dried Grass can be attached to the end of arrows and lit for a flaming arrow, useful in the mines to scope ahead.

Turabada shards can be attached to the end of arrows to create an arrow that will explode on impact, stunning the enemy momentarily while dealing low damage.

Use with Bows

The type of Bow used to fire your Arrow can significantly alter the performance.

A flexible Bow (made of lighter Wood) will have weaker power, but a faster draw time, whereas a more flexible Arrow will be lighter but will curve offward if shot too fast. Arrow Heads add weight to the Arrow which reduces curving off course, but also reduces distance.


Arrows can be Crafted by the Player using Arrow Heads, Arrow Shafts, and Fletching. Rusty Arrows can be found like all Weapons lying around the Overworld. However, Rusty Arrows are significantly less accurate than Player-Crafted arrows.

A Rusty Arrow

There is also a special type of arrow called a Ka Karimata Arrow that can be commonly found in Camps. These arrows seem to be on par with arrows using Copper Arrow Heads in damage, but slightly lighter.

A Two-Pronged-Arrow