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Bows are a ranged Weapon that can either be found or Crafted.


Metal Bows

Metal Bows can commonly be found in Chests in the Overworld or in the Mines.

Bow (Iron).png

Metal Bows cannot be melted down in the Recycler.

Note metal bows have an extremely long draw time and are believed to not do any additional damage than wooden bows just have increased range

Wooden Bows

Wooden Bows must be crafted at the Carpentry Workshop. The Bow Handle recipe is located on page 29 of the carpentry Profession Book.

Glyph Bow Handle.png

Once the Bow Handle has been crafted, Dried Grass can be applied at either end to be crafted into a full bow.

Bow Variants.png

The Draw Speed of a bow corresponds to the weight of the Wood it is made with.

Wood Draw Speed and Weight
Oak 2
Birch 1
Walnut 4
Ash 5
Redwood 3


Bows require Arrows to be shot, and these can be crafted.

To use the Bow, the Arrow must be nocked, and the string must be drawn.

A heavy Bow with a long draw time must use a heavy Arrow to be effective, and the opposite is true with light Bows.

Bows seem to have a minimum distance to enemies in order to do optimal damage, a player shooting at near point blank range will find himself doing very little damage.


Pre-Alpha Bow was added
Pre-Alpha Wooden Bows were made craftable