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Profession Book
Profession Book
Type Instruction

Profession Books are Books that contain information regarding specific Profession within A Township Tale.


Each Profession Book around the Town will describe a different Profession within the game. They can be found lying upon a Lectern in select buildings.

When a Profession Book is first discovered, all its Pages will be missing. These Profession Book Pages must be discovered within crates in Cave Structures or chests scattered about the Overworld. Picking up a Page, then releasing it will cause an animation where the Page is added to a ghostly book. After this, the Page is available to all players via the Profession Book . Profession Books can not be removed from their Lectern , so once the Pages are added, they will permanently allow other Players to learn about those Profession.

Using Books

Turning pages

To turn pages in a book, the player can grab a page and turn it using their hand or swipe the touch pad or thumb stick of the controller holding the book.

Tearing pages

To tear a page out of a book, grab the page and pull the hand downwards away from the book. After passing a certain distance the page will then be removed. Please note that sometimes tearing gets a bit bugged. In the event of this happening, just make quick, long jerking movements until it rips and/or try gripping either the top corner, mid section, or bottom corner of the page instead.

Using pages

To use a page from a book, place it in the frame of the projector on the crafting table or chisel deck. This will highlight every step needed to create the desired item.

Respawning books

To respawn a book, simply light the candle on the book's stand. This is primarily used if the book is missing or glitched in a wall or the floor.

Current Books

These are the books that can be found in town


Found in the Town Hall, details how to craft a bow, arrows, and what to use them for.


Found in the Blacksmith's Shop, details how to smelt ore to ingots, use moulds, and forge the weapons/tools.


Found in the Carpentry Workshop, contains recipes for creating handles and other items made out of wood. Pages are torn out and placed on the projector to show the player where to chisel to create the desired item.


Found in the Tavern, details how to cook and provides recipes for stews and lists the effects they provide

Generic crafting

Found in the Crafting House, contains recipes for creating a wide range of items such as backpacks, backpack attachments, lanterns and much more. Pages are torn out and placed on the projector to show the player where to place the parts in order to create the desired item.


Found in the Miners' Quarters, details how to mine, some of the Creatures in the mine, and explains how to get crystal tools from the giant crystals.


Found in the Woodcutting Shed near the entrance to the Wooded Valley, details how to chop down trees, chop logs into Wood, and chop branches into stick then into arrow shafts.


Pre-Alpha Profession Books were added.