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Type Instruction

Pages are an uncommon resource that provide information to a player on how to do various activities. These include Cooking, Archery, Woodcutting, Carpentry and Smelting


Pages can be found in Cave Structures or scattered about the Overworld. Once a page is picked up, an animation will occur that shows the page being attached to a transparent book. The page has returned to its book and can be used in the proper areas. For this reason, there is very little reason to bypass a page and not pick it up.

All Current Pages

Below are the various pages of the books found in the Overworld.

Carpentry 1.jpg
Carpentry 2.jpg
Carpentry 3.jpg
Carpentry 5.jpg
Carpentry 6.jpg
Add six wood

to create one block of wood

Use a chisel and hammer to remove bark Some recipies require one, two or three blocks of wood Die Short Handle
Carpentry 7.jpg
Carpentry 8.jpg
Carpentry 9.jpg
Carpentry 10.jpg
Carpentry 11.jpg
One-handed Handle Fist Handle Ladle Hand-and-A-Half Handle Hand-And-A-Half Handle with horizontal directional attachment
Carpentry 12.jpg
Carpentry 13.jpg
Carpentry 14.jpg
Carpentry 15.jpg
Carpentry 16.jpg
Two-attachment Handle Wooden Spikes Two Sided Handle Wooden Club Two-handed Handle
Carpentry 17.jpg
Carpentry 18.jpg
Carpentry 19.jpg
--- The recipe for a bowl is missing. Need to add.
Large Handle Bow Arrow Shafts (Blank) (Blank)
These pages can be torn out of the book (they will return if dropped on the ground) and attached to the carpentry stand. This will cause a ray of light to indicate the exact pattern that a player should chisel in order to produce the desired item.
Cooking 1.jpg
Cooking 2.jpg
Cooking 3.jpg
Cooking 4.jpg
Cooking 5.jpg
Cooking 6.jpg
Cooking 7.jpg
Cooking 8.jpg
Cooking 9.jpg
Cooking 10.jpg
Cooking 11.jpg
Cooking 12.jpg
Cooking 13.jpg
One of the pictures was bad. This spot is for a better picture of that recipe. One of the pages was missing when these pictures were taken. This spot is for that recipe.
These pages actually contain a significant amount of information. On the left, there are the four ingredients required for the recipe. On the right, there are the buffs that are given ``when the food is eaten``. Around each buff is a number of arcs which correspond to the duration (Night vision, super strength, shielding), or the intensity (hunger satisfaction, instant health). The cauldron at the bottom indicates that water needs to be added. As of, water is the only liquid required for cooking, but this may change in the future.
Smelting and Forging
Forging 1.jpg
Forging 2.jpg
Forging 3.jpg
Forging 4.jpg
Three Ore from an Ore Vein will produce an Ingot. Smithy must be powered by Coal or wood. A Blacksmith Mould and the required number of ingots will produce the item depicted on the mould. The smithy must be powered by Coal or wood Heat the Tool or Weapon Head in the forge. Use a hammer to Forge the item. Attach a Pommel and Hilt. Then add the weapon or tool head.
Forging 5.jpg
Forging 6.jpg
Forging 7.jpg
Two ore of one metal and one ore of another ``may`` create an Alloy. One ore and one ingot ``may`` produce an Alloy. Two ingots of different metals ``may`` create an Alloy (Blank)
Archery 1.jpg
Archery 2.jpg
Archery 3.jpg
Add an Arrow Head or a Crystal Shard to an Arrow Shaft to make part of an arrow. Add a Feather to the other side to complete it. Add a Dried Grass ball to both ends of an unstrung bow to make a string. Shoot Sprigulls for meat and feathers.
Chopping 1.jpg
Chopping 2.jpg
Chopping 3.jpg
Use an axe to chop a tree into branches and logs Use an axe to chop a log into


Use an axe to chop a branch into Sticks
Mining 1.jpg
Mining 2.jpg
Mining 3.jpg
Mining 4.jpg
Break a Ore Vein with a pickaxe to recieve resources Dynamite can break Gold, Copper and Iron Break crystal ore with a hammer for crystal shards Break a crystal structure to recieve a crystal weapon