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This page is a rough cover of A Township Tale's Gameplay .

A Township Tale is still in Pre-Alpha, so much of the game is yet to be developed. This covers only the existing content, though mentions some aspects which have been confirmed for the future.

If you are new to the game, after reading, you might find it helpful to read the Getting Started guide, which covers some tips for your first hours of play.


A Township Tale (commonly shortened to ATT) is a multiplayer Role Playing Game (RPG), all in Virtual Reality (VR). The A Township Taleuniverse is an alternative universe, with a mixture of medieval, and fantasy themes. Each Server has a Town which Players occupy as their central hub, as they venture down into the Mines or out into the world. With the resources and loot that the players collect, they can then forge new tools, craft weapons, and improve their Equipment.

In their adventures, Players may face various obstacles and challenges, such as Creatures to fight or bridges to Repair. Alta (the developers), have confirmed that in the future there will be Bosses and many other goals and challenges in the future.


Most gameplay in A Township Tale occurs on a Server. There are currently 3 servers online, located in:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Australia

Your character, Inventory, and Equipment are local to each server, so do not transition from one to another. Most players often stick to one server, developing their character, and getting to know the other regulars on that server.

Some content, such as the Mines are generated once per server. This means that you can get to know and the learn the layout of them, though if you go to a new server, you will find that they will be different.

The World

The world of A Township Tale is extremely physical. Items can be found lying on the ground, picked up, thrown around, and left where ever you wish. Unless another player takes it, items left on the floor will stay there to be picked up later, whether that be an hour, or a week.

There's many ways you can affect the world, including clearing areas of Creatures, Repairing parts of the town, such as bridges, building up the towns collection of Moulds, or filling the missing Pages of books.

All items you collect, repairs you do, and any other changes, are all local to your Server.


There are not many overall goals yet in A Township Tale. The experience is still extremely sandbox-like, with a lot of freedom in terms of what you do. Many new players can find this difficult at first.

Some good goals at this stage are to:

  • Explore the entire world, and learn it's layout
  • Learn about all the different resources and items
  • Learn a profession and get to know people to work together
  • Get good weapons and tools, and find which type best suits you
  • Learn how best to deal with each of the Creatures.


There are many tasks in the game that naturally fall into Profession like roles, such as Blacksmith, Miner, or Carpenter. You can either specialize in one of them or spread your time, effort, and skill slots out between them.

In the future, Alta has confirmed that there will be ways for players to progress within a profession, in more ways than skill and tools.

You can read more about each profession on their appropriate page. Not all professions are announced or implemented yet, so the list below contains some unimplemented professions, and will be grow over time.


Interactions in A Township Tale are extremely physical. Like in real life, picking up objects actually involves reaching out to the item and grabbing it. There is no 'force grab'. Once holding an item, a player can pass it from hand to hand to adjust their grip, toss the item around, catch it, or even several items!

Many tasks such as Woodcutting, Forging, Mining, and Combat require swinging a weapon or tool at a target. A mistake many new players make, is to not do a long swing, but instead do short, fast, taps. A full swing will be much more effective than a tap.

Different tool heads have different properties, making them better at some tasks, and worse (or completely useless) at others. Learning the correct tool for the job is important.


Players have an Inventory, in which they can store tools, and other items. On top of this, players can carry additional tools or other items in their hands.