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This is a quick guide to getting started in A Township Tale. It does not cover all features, but instead contains some tips and tasks that will help get you in a good position to continue exploring and playing the game.

Downloading the game

Naturally, a good start is to Get The Game.

While that's downloading...

As this guide only briefly skims over some aspects and doesn't talk about the game overall, it could be worth reading up on the Gameplay and the Controls.

Moving around

There are two forms of Movement. Smooth Movement, and Teleport Movement. By default, both these modes are enabled, though Smooth Movement can be disabled if wanted. There are a vast variety of settings to adjust how Smooth Movement works, including which hand it's controlled with, whether comfort mode is used (the black edge), and whether it is directed by your controller orientation or your head orientation.

Choosing a server

A Township Tale during pre-alpha has a few different servers to choose from. These are spread around the world to help ensure that there's one you can access with a reasonable ping. Naturally, some servers tend to be busier overall, or at particular times of the day. This might be worth taking into account when choosing.

You are not locked into a server, and can swap between them at will. Your character, inventory, and equipment will not transition between servers.

To join a server, select it on the Server Selection Panel with the wooden wheel in front of it, then grab the orb, hold it to your face, and then release.

Character Customization

After joining a server, the first thing you will need to do is customize your character's visual appearance. Character Customization involves choosing body shape, skin color, hair color, and style, etc.

Remember, you can still move around within customization. Simply press the thumb pad, aim, and release.

Once you are done customizing, stand on the teleportation platform (in the other side of the room), and you will be taken into the game.

You can re-enter customization at any stage by standing on one of the teleporters in the Customization House in Town.

The Basics

To start off with, we'll cover interacting, crafting, inventory, and lighting fires. These basics are vital throughout the entirety of the game.


You should now, be at the Newcomers Spawn! You're in multiplayer territory at this stage, so you could be surrounded by all sorts of things. See if you can find an item on the floor (potentially a Stick or Flint).

Most items are physics-based - try throwing the item in the air, catching it, or even juggling with some other items - have fun! All items can be thrown around like this in A Township Tale, and most items can be held in two hands at the same time. Some larger items, like Crates, Pots, or Buckets, must be held with two hands.


Some items can be Crafted with other items. You will know that two items are able to be crafted when holding one in each hand if a beam is shown between them. By holding the items close together (so the start and end of the beam line up), and releasing the attaching piece.

If you can find a Flint and a Stick, now would be a good opportunity to craft them together. This is a Primitive Tool and can be used both as a weapon, an Axe, and a Pickaxe.


Your Inventory in A Township Tale is predominantly found around your belt. You have four inventory slots on your belt: two medium slots (on the sides), and two small slots (at the front). You also have a large slot on your back.

Various items can be stored in these slots. Many of these items can be stacked (multiple stored in a single slot). Once an item is crafted, it can no longer be stacked.

To extend and/or modify your inventory, you can equip items such as a Backpack or Quiver. A backpack, for instance, provides you with 9 extra slots (that can hold almost anything) at the cost of your back slot.

When you first log into a server, you will find a Wooden Bag filled with various starting materials on your back (such as flint, grass, and sticks).

It can take a little bit of time to work out exactly what can go where. Here are some general rules:

  • Small items can go in the front or sides of your belt
  • Smallish items can go in the sides of your belt
  • Medium items can go in the sides of your belt, or on your back
  • Large items can go on your back
  • Backpacks can go on your back
  • Almost all items can be stored in chests, bookshelves, bags, etc.


An extremely key part of the inventory system is the use of Pouches. Once you have a stack of items in a slot, you have two different ways you can take items out of that slot. If you grab and pull away from the slot, you will take a single item out. However, if you grab and keep your hand close to the slot, you will instead take out all the items in that slot, in the form of a pouch.

A pouch can then be passed around, and generally treated like any other item. Pouches also act as an inventory slot. You can store additional items (of that type) straight into the pouch, take one out (by grabbing and pulling away), or split the pouch in two (so you have two pouches, each with 50% of the content), by grabbing and holding.

If you have two pouches of the same type in either hand, you can then move individual items from one to the other using the thumb pad (left and right). Holding the direction will gradually increase the rate of transfer. Using pouch splitting, and balancing, you can quite efficiently get a desired number of resources for a trade or any other reason.

More Information

For more information, check out the Inventory page. It includes the official video introducing the inventory system.

Creating fire

If you joined the server at Night, you may have already experienced just how dark the world can get at night. Fire is the most effective approach to lighting up the world around you. Fire can be be spread by touching a flammable object with an existing fire, or started with sparks.

To create sparks, hit two Flint together. You can also hit a flint against a Stone or an Ore.

To create a torch, find some Dried Grass, and craft it onto a Stick. Try laying the torch then on the ground, and creating sparks right on the torch head. You may need to try half a dozen times, as sparks don't always catch!

If you couldn't find the resources to make a torch, don't fret! There's most likely one lying around town you can borrow.

Storage Space

From your travels and exploration around town, you may realize that it is difficult to store all of the items you come across on your person.

Nutrition and Fullness

As you traverse the Township, you will come to find that your nutrition bar will decrease over time. Your nutrition bar determines how quickly you can move and whether you eventually die. Your level of nutrition is directly affected by your fullness bar. Your fullness bar is comprised of 5 pips, and once all 5 pips are filled, your nutrition can no longer increase. This means that players will have to be wary of what they eat, and have a more balanced diet.


Death in A Township Tale (under normal circumstances) is rather harsh and should be avoided at all costs. Dying will result on you dropping all of your items (including your Backpack) at the place of your death, and then Respawning. This can be very difficult to come back from, especially if you die in very dangerous areas like The Mines where it may be difficult to recover your items. Death should be avoided at all costs, so it is best to assess a dangerous situation beforehand instead of plunging in headfirst. Some helpful practices to lower your chances of death are:

  • Engaging in combat with a group (with a skilled Warrior or Archer). Especially in the lower levels of The Mines, it's easy to become overwhelmed by groups of Wyrms and Turabadas if you're alone.
  • Keeping note of your Health bar. When in combat, it's sometimes easy to forget about your health bar, and can create unwanted situations when you realize you're near death.

Starter Goals

On logging into a new Server, you will see to your left the location Achievement Boards. You are encouraged to explore the whole Town before taking part in any activities.

Gathering a Food Source is also very important, and at the start, hunting Spriggulls and Cooking that Meat is probably the easiest for a beginner.

Inside of each location you discover, you will find a number of tasks you can optionally complete to gather some basic knowledge of each activity. These include the likes of Forging and Carpentry.

Where to next?

Well, from here it is up to you! You might wish to become the best Blacksmith the town has seen. You might wish to get the strongest Weapons and Equipment. Or maybe you want to dive into the dangerous depths of the Mines.

There's quite a chance you may find yourself needing better tools. This would be a good opportunity to talk to some of the locals, or maybe get started with Smithing or Carpentry.

Here's some guides to help you out!

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